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THE VISITOR - A Science Fiction Story by Tony Harmsworth

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Tony Harmsworth is an accomplished storyteller and has staged exhibitions, given lectures and guided groups of students and tourists for more than three decades. His ability to take the reader and wrap him/her up in the emotion of the situation is superb.

After writing non-fiction, within which he has told the story of the search for the Loch Ness monster from a sceptical viewpoint and the history of Scotland in a bloody, yet amusing manner, he has now moved on to Science Fiction.

His first novel was Mindslip and his third is Green Door.

In this, his second novel, he presents the exciting life of a dynamic woman astronaut. It opens with her travelling to the International Space Station where she is to be the commander of a vessel called the Scaffy Wagon, designed to clean up debris in low-earth orbit. During the first mission, she and her Russian pilot discover a small alien artefact. More in the introduction, prologue, extract and synopsis pages, although beware that the synopsis is primarily for publishers and contains substantial spoilers. Read the extract instead.


Specialist astronaut Evelyn Slater encounters a small, badly damaged, ancient artefact on the first ever space junk elimination mission.

International governments impose a security clampdown. Evelyn leads a team of hand-picked scientists who make amazing discoveries when they study the alien device.

Secrecy is impossible to maintain and she becomes embroiled in international politics. Worldwide xenophobic hatred and violence is ignited by the eventual public announcement of the existence of the visitor. Evelyn’s personal involvement develops into a strange asexual love affair.

This is first contact science fiction with a surprising twist.

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