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Tony Harmsworth, is an accomplished storyteller who has spent most of his life presenting history and mystery to visitors to the Highlands of Scotland in an entertaining, innovative and commercially successful manner, recounting true stories to parties from individuals to groups of hundreds of university students.

As part of this he conceived the Loch Ness Centre, designed and scripted the Macbeth Experience and created the largest private heritage centre in Scotland at Fort Augustus. He also spent over twenty years writing the most comprehensive and authoritative book on Loch Ness, which finally explained the mystery (it has sold a few thousand, mainly through Scottish tourist outlets).

Retiring from his career in tourism he has now written two 'old school' science fiction novels. This book features a leading astrophysicist and contains ideas and concepts which will make you think about people, life, gender and governments.

He lives with his wife in a spectacularly located croft, perched high on the side of Loch Ness.

After writing non-fiction, within which he has told the story of the search for the Loch Ness monster from a sceptical viewpoint and the history of Scotland in a bloody, yet amusing manner, he has now moved on to Science Fiction.

He lives in the Highlands of Scotland with his wife in a croft house overlooking Loch Ness.

In this novel, he tells the story of how all the creatures of the Earth are affected by Betelgeuse going supernova.

The main character, Dr. Geoff Arnold, a leading astrophysicist, is turned into a beautiful young Japanese woman and his wife into an ageing greyhound. The story tells of how he fights to try to save her life, while at the same time helping to save the world.

More below and in the extract and synopsis pages, although beware that the synopsis is primarily for publishers and contains substantial spoilers. Read the extract instead.

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