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The science fiction genre:

Tony Harmsworth read masses of science fiction during the nineteen-sixties and seventies. Although he enjoyed novels about alien scenarios such as Poul Anderson's Three Worlds To Conquer, and Hal Clement's Cycle Of Fire, he always got the most satisfaction from reading realistic science fiction such as many of Arthur C Clarke's works. Particular favourites were Fall Of Moondust by Clarke; Fahrenheit 451 by Aldiss; Farnham's Freehold by Heinlein; and Asimov's Foundation novels. In later years he was enthralled by Rendezvous With Rama and conceived the idea of his THE VISITOR novel.

He was somewhat sad to see SF novels becoming more fantastic during the seventies and often buys a modern SF book, only to consign it to the waste heap after just a few chapters. Anne McCaffrey's Pern novels were the only exception, but even they became too repetitive for him eventually.

This seemed to usher in a period of sequels and series. Authors would get a good idea then milk it into never-ending sequels which were rarely as good as the original.

The best of recent novels he's read, was The Martian, and he'd seen the film before he read the book. In fact, films seem to have completely split between fantasy and hard SF. Fortunately people still want to watch hard SF even if agents and publishers have lost interest in the genre in print. Passengers; 2001 A Space Odyssey; Arrival; Interstellar; 2010; Life; The Martian are among his favourites, although he is not keen on endings where it looks as if the author has been unable to finish the story so the director of the film has resorted to coloured lights and noise to bludgeon the audiences into submission i.e. 2001, Arrival, Interstellar.

He has tried very hard to write the type of science fiction he enjoys reading. It includes characters you can empathise with; scenarios which, while they might be unlikely, are actually well thought-through and well constructed; and contain a moral message. In THE VISITOR, the antagonist is religious belief; in MINDSLIP, race and sexual harassment are visited; in GREEN DOOR, the folly of driving for never-ending growth is explored.

Tony hopes you will enjoy his work.



Tony Harmsworth has a backgroud in designing, scripting and staging exhibitions so his non-fiction is in the same vein, written to maintain the interest.

His LOCH NESS UNDERSTOOD is thoroughly researched and is still the most comprehensive book ever written on the subject.

His SCOTLAND'S BLOODY HISTORY is much more a tongue-in-cheek book. He took all the bloodiest stories of Scotland's history which he could find, and put them into chronological order. Don't read this if you are a serious scholar of the country's past, but if, like most people, you can never understand the sequence of Scotland's history or what caused all the wars and battles, then this is the book for you.


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LOCH NESS UNDEFRSTOOD comment: Angela Young

Read many books on the mystery of loch Ness. This is by far one of the best and also one of the most well written and an honest and incisive true account...fantastic read

THE VISITOR comment: "A fast paced scientifically accurate plot that is thought provoking and predictive of technological development based on todays devices. An enjoyable read that I highly recommend."

21st April 2018

Stunning day at Loch Ness. Brilliant blue sky and temperature's building.

However, agents seem to be spring-cleaning their slush pile of manuscripts. Two rejections within twenty-four hours. This is the second one, which is also the quickest rejection I've had:

"Thank you very much for your enclosures and letter of the 9th April. I have looked at these and found them very well done. I am afraid though, I am being very very cautious as to what I take on and I just don’t feel able to take this further. But I do wish you every success elsewhere and my position is more a reflection of the market-place than the material itself.

"Thank you again for thinking of me.

"My best,

"Peter §§§§§§"

Got to get back up and send some more off.

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